About us

First and foremost, we are incubators of ideas.

We make our clients’ ideas buildable, reliable, repeatable, and scalable.

We have 20+ years of experience in the attractions, product, and themed environment fields in the United States, China, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Our experience allows us to view and realize a project from start to finish, and understand all its needs prior to starting. We have the ability to take your ideas and marry them with feasibility, profitability and market attractiveness with our technical skills.

We take pride in collaborating with clients from start to end. Since our establishment in 2015, FractaVisual Designs has understood that everyone is able to contribute and have valid views, from the CEO to the janitor. Only by working with the guest, user, and operator throughout the process are we able to produce a fully-developed project.

We view art through technical glasses and see things in completed items and realistic steps. Every project is born in art, but forged in steel. We, at FractaVisual Designs, understand the importance of your core ideas and the need to bring them to the masses.


What We Do

From products to attractions we specialize in the guest experience as it pertains to profitability and return on investment. As a design consultancy, we improve upon the ideas we are presented. We are a group of talented designers, technical specialists and realizers looking for the next challenge and want to create profitable, maintainable, and repeatable projects for you.

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